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Business0The Importance of Team Building

Every business manager often focuses on building a good team instead of concentrating on their business. They say  “you don’t build a business. You build people, and then people build the business”.  This has always been the golden rule of business. The fact that a group of skilled and talented people are needed to build a successful business is quite obvious. The earlier you realize this, the more growth you will see in your business.

However, the term ‘ skilled employees’ is quite tricky. Different people understand it in different senses. If you have ever been in the company of a hereditary-business owner, you might have noticed that for them a good employee is not someone with high qualifications. Rather, they look into the person’s sincerity, honesty and willingness to work hard. Quite contrary to it, nowadays, you get selected based on your skills, education, and interest.

The Process of Finding the Best Talents


If you think clearly, team building is supposed to be a professional task that has to be handled with care and precision. But most people fail to notice its importance and therefore handle this with much lousiness. Due to the same reason, most of the companies fail to notice and retain the worthy talents they already have in hand.

The term recruitment is now treated differently by most of the new businesses and some of the older ones. Earlier, it used to be about finding people to fill your requirements but now, it’s mostly about acquiring the best and only best talents of the world. You can see the transition in the usage of the word ‘recruitment’ to the word ‘talent acquisition’. When the idea has been changed so should be the methods. A few of the small scale companies are not very aware of it.

So what are the primary requirements?

  • A proper HR system

Even before you plan to recruit someone, you need to ensure that your company follows a proper structure. This also means that you need to have a clear idea about the responsibilities of the person you are intending to hire. If you are clear about it, you easily determine the experience and qualifications of the person you are looking for. This, in turn, helps you to decide on his/her salary package. Also, ensure that there are a few people who are experienced in this field to guide the new joiner. If you are planning to get the help of a consultancy, again assure that they have a proper structure as well.

  • Be ready to invest your time and money in finding good resources

If you want the best you have to invest your time and money for it. There’s no other way to it. Rapid hiring might end you up in bigger problems like an unfit employee with low credentials. Look for an employee in the same way you would seek a new job. Make the best use of job portals, consultancies and advertisements for this process. Decide on the type of medium according to the experience level and the type of your requirements. If there are so many positions to fill, the best medium would be a newspaper advertisement. However, if you are looking for a highly experienced person, get the help of a consultancy. Similarly, if you need a medium experience, a job portal will be ideal for you.

  • Make use of References

References are considered as one of the most rewarding ways to welcome a new employee to your organization.  Established companies grand special incentives to people who refer candidates to their interview panels. This is because you believe that a person you know will send the reference of only the best people to you. But again, a few organizations commit the mistake of recruiting the referred candidates without proper interviews.

Referred candidates should also undergo certain stages of interviews because referrals are just a medium to get in touch with skilled people but not a criterion to select them. Therefore, a proper filtering process should happen to them also. And, in case they don’t fit into your descriptions, do not make the mistake of hiring someone based on your emotional instincts. You will end up hiring someone who’s not useful to your company.

  • A Detailed Interview

Somewhere along with the interview, it often gets very much mechanical or more like a casual conversation. But if you aim to recruit a good team member, you need to keep in mind that, the interview session plays a crucial part in it. Take some time to describe the job role and your expectations to the interviewee. Your conversations should strictly include a lot of questions aligned with the same. Listening to their queries is also very important. If he/she has relevant questions, it means that they are genuinely interested in working with your company. Finally, have a clarity about the vision of your company and ensure that the candidate fits into it.

Final Thought

A team of good employees is always the backbone of a successful organization. Most of the small scale industries are not able to come up because they are not able to nurture a team of skilled employees.  Quite interestingly, the unemployment rate in Kerala is more than the average national employment rate.

Accept changes and alter accordingly to fit these changes to find the best talents you seek for!



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