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Consulting0The Staffing Process and its 7 Steps Explained by the Best Staffing Agency in Kerala

7 important steps involved in the process of staffing:



Employees are the backbone of an organization – it’s no myth. The workforce plays a huge role in determining the success of the company. In short, they can make or break the business. When it comes to the staffing process, you have to make sure that you are bringing the best team on board to get the job done. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it alone. As the best staffing agency in Kerala, we can help you with the same. Before that, let us walk you through the process and its seven steps.


  1. Manpower Planning

The first step in the staffing process is manpower planning. This is when you take a look at your organization as a whole and decide how many employees you need and what types of positions need to be filled.

To do this, you’ll need to consider things like your company’s growth plans, upcoming projects, and any changes to your business model. You should also look at your current workforce and see if there are any areas where you’re overstaffed or understaffed.


  1. Employment of Personnel

This step involves the placement of employees in the correct positions within the company. It is important to ensure that employees are placed in positions that they are qualified for and that they will be able to perform their duties effectively.


  1. Recruitment

Once you’ve determined the additional requirements and job roles to be filled, it’s time to find the right people for the job. In this stage, you search for prospective employees for the job.


  1. Selection

The selection process includes eliminating candidates who seem unfit for the role and shortlisting the promising ones. You can make the recruitment and selection process easier by getting professional help. Are you wondering “which is the best staffing agency near me?” Well HSJB Business Solutions is the answer to your question. As one of the best staffing agencies in Kerala, we’ll deliver the best solutions and services to all your staffing-related queries.


  1. Placement

Following the selection process, if the candidates have met the objectives, they are then placed in positions where they can best utilize their skills. The new employee is introduced to his/her job role, responsibilities, the company, the team, etc.


  1. Training

This step is important for several reasons – it helps new employees learn about the company culture, gives them the skills they need to do their job, and sets them up for success in their new roles.

There are a few different ways to approach training, but one of the most popular methods is called on-the-job training. This is where new employees are given specific tasks to complete under the supervision of an experienced worker.

This method is effective because it allows employees to learn in a real-world environment and get hands-on experience with the job they’re being trained for. It’s also relatively inexpensive since there’s no need to bring in outside trainers or rent facilities.

Another option is classroom training, which can be useful for covering more theoretical concepts or giving employees a broad overview of the company and its operations.


  1. Development

The final step in the staffing process is development. This is when you take the time to invest in your employees and help them grow within the company.

Development can take many forms, but some common examples include training programs, mentorship opportunities, and career planning. By investing in your employees, you’re not only helping them reach their potential, but you’re also making sure that they’re able to contribute to the growth of your business.



The staffing process can get quite hectic at times, so it’s always advisable to seek professional help to assist you in the process. As the best staffing agency in Kerala, we at HSJB Business Solutions can manage your staffing process with absolute efficiency. So, stop thinking and reach out to us today!


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