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Contract Staffing


Contract Staffing

Why do you need us?

Contract staffing services are a way to get extra help when you need it. If you’re short-staffed and need someone to cover a shift or if you need someone to help with a special project, contract staffing agencies can provide you with temporary workers who are qualified and experienced in the field you need them for. They’re a great option when you don’t want or need to hire a full-time employee. We have a pool of exceptional third party vendors in Kerala, and we offer staffing payroll services which makes it all the more easy for our clients!

How can it help?
  • Access to a wider pool of talent.
  • Reduced costs.
  • More flexibility when it comes to staffing changes.
  • Access to specialized skills and knowledge.
  • You’ll be able to focus on your core business.
Ways to use contact staffing services
  1. Temporary staffing: general staffing services allow you to hire contract workers for a short period of time, often to cover for a staff member who is on maternity leave or on vacation.
  2. Long-term staffing: sometimes you may require contract workers for a longer period of time, maybe because they’re between permanent hires or they’re expanding their team temporarily. In such a scenario, we can offer you the topmost third party vendors in Kerala.
  3. Project-based staffing: hiring can be confined to a specific project as well. Once the project is over, the contract will be terminated.
  4. Contract-to-hire: contracting can also be done with the intention of making them a permanent employee after a certain period of time. With our staffing human resources services, we can find the best talents for you.

As a trusted staffing payroll agency in Kerala, you can count on us to deliver exceptional talents when you need them!

Contract staffing opens a wider set of opportunities than you can imagine. It is the ideal plan to indulge in if you find yourself in a sudden surge of works or even if a key employee is on a vacation. Short-term reliable hires bring you to a big network of talents that can fulfil your requirements perfectly. At HSJB, we have access to a pool of spectacular talents that can exclusively undertake your work.



    Steps of Recruitment Process

    We act as a catalyst in choosing the best resources for your company.

    Talent Need Analysis (TNA)

    Sourcing & Screening

    Fitment Analysis

    Interview coordination

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