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Greyt HR

The only efficient way to go about HR processes is if you automate them with the country’s most popular payroll service software – Greyt HR. If you’re on the lookout for the best HR and Payroll software solutions for your business, then look no further! Our premium partnership with Greyt HR allows us to offer you the services of the most reliable cloud based payroll system in India.

Services provided

The statutory compliance services offered help keep your business updated and in check with the latest laws that organizations are supposed to abide by, and the various reconciliation and similar tools incorporated in payroll services offer single-click payroll processing, a checklist to stay sorted and allows you to automate salary computation, reimbursement, loans, and advances. Customized payslips can be generated and distributed along with payroll reports.

The leave management system included makes Greyt HR, as the name suggests, a great employee management software. Customizing leave policies, preparing holiday lists, managing and leave-related tasks and queries are now easier than ever!

Attendance and employee lifecycle management is an added advantage with real-time attendance management feature that adds to your convenience. You can also capture attendance from the ESS portal and other third-party hardware by integrating Greyt HR, the best HR and payroll management software into the same.

Why Greyt HR?

The software is the ultimate solution to all your payroll and employee management requirements. We’ll walk you through the process of getting the most out of the services offered by the best HR management software in India and help you empower your business with the same.

The software is also available as a mobile application for employees and managers to manage leaves and claims, income tax-related information and plans, view payslips, regularize attendance, and access the Help Desk for queries.

If you wish to automate your company’s HR related processes, there’s no better way to do it!



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