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Being a start up organization, we were lacking clarity in organization structure, responsibilities of people and result areas. HSJB Business Solutions helped us to set up the right organization structure with performance driven job responsibilities of each team member. Now we ensure that we follow the structure and do regular review of team members focusing on performance indicators of each role. Now we are less burdened and we are able to grow better with clear focus.
Mahin K Ummar Managing Director Willmount Resorts Pvt. Ltd
We wanted to establish a performance management system which is very simple and result oriented. We implemented HSJB Progress PMS in 2020 and we could see real changes in terms of team performance and growth. Well defined KRA’s and KPI’s along with monthly measurement system helped us to track the performance of each employee.
Jaseel CPDirector Al Aqsa printing press, Doha, Qatar
The PMS team at HSJB assists each employee in being more engaged by setting clear goals and objectives. They assist us in making clear job progression prospects. HSJB conducted an extensive Organization analysis as part of the PMS project. We were able to take corrective action in the business, thanks to the insights offered by the HSJB team. Our business became more profitable as a result of legitimate business KPIs, widespread duty delegation, and analysis. Rather than getting involved in operational difficulties, I could focus on team growth by observing the team.
Babu PeterOwner, Drishya Marble
HSJB’s assistance was greatly appreciated. The PMS mechanism assisted us in analysing our employees’ performance and communicating the company’s expectations to them, allowing them to work to the best of their abilities in the job tasks allotted to them. The PMS team at HSJB helps each employee become more engaged by establishing clear goals and objectives. Instead of getting involved in operational issues, top managements can give full focus on team growth through monitoring their team.
PK SaifudheenCEO, Happykid Apparels
It is my pleasure to inform you that the work which you undertook has been done very satisfactorily. You have done what you promised months ago with maximum speed and 100% sincerity to make our institution a reputed one. Mr. Emil Suresh has been available at any time with maximum support with our core team. The timely presence of Mr.Sukesh KS was also appreciable. In short I am fully confident enough to share the thought that we are completely satisfied with your works and your reputed firm HSJB.
K SajiAugustianExecutive Director, People Grammen
HSJB has one of the most astonishing team of seasoned professionals who have the distinct ability to surpass client expectations, each time. They help us to implement a proper PMS in our organization. After that, Communication with staff became easy and monthly performance measurements with KPIs increased the productivity of our employees. By implementing proper HR practices and weekly internal training our employees are made more enthusiastic. Their expertise and long term vision has propelled them as one of the best in the business
Aashiq BavaDirector, SainaInfotaintments Pvt Ltd
Throughout the process, the HSJB team closely worked with our people to provide stable and consistent support. To get a clear idea about our performance issue, they initiate the actions mostly with a direct approach to our company and connect these issues to what is going on there. They assist us in solving the problem in our business model by making the right decisions and providing proper guidance. PMS team of HSJB is offering the necessary customization and services by focusing on where we need to improve. I am pleased with this service and grateful to the HSJB team.
Shafeer B RMD, Starcine Pharmacy
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