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We are keen on resolving client's hitch with accurate fixes.

We have pronounced and extensive expertise in recruitment & staffing, performance management and compliance services which are major factors for keeping an organization on track. HSJB Business Solutions derives success of an organization by revolutionizing human resource management and placing the apt resources at right spot.

Contract Staffing
Performance Management
Payroll Services
Capacity Building
Customized Talent Acquisition
Reward Programmes
The recruiting process is a challenging prospect for both small and large companies. Hirestar assists in handpicking the right candidate from a pool of candidates that fits the job description and meets the prerequisites. We choose individuals who will become an asset to your company and contribute to its long-term success.
Contract staffing opens a wider set of opportunities than you can imagine. It is the ideal plan to indulge in if you find yourself in a sudden of works or even if a key employee is on a vacation. Short-term reliable hires bring you to a big network of talents that can fulfil your requirements perfectly. At HSJB, we have access to a pool of spectacular talents that can exclusively undertake your work.
Performance Management is vital for ensuring that an organization’s purpose is consistent with its employees’ jobs. We develop and implement performance management system in the organization with key focus on periodic measurement. This includes organization structuring, developing KRA’s and KPI’s, performance metrics & implementation
HSJB Compliance Solutions aims at delivering best in class HR compliance support services to organizations. Our cost-effective solutions are designed to cover all kinds of HR, statutory, legal compliance matters with atmost trust and result oriented approach.

Steps in Recruitment Process

We act as a catalyst in choosing the best resources for your company.

Talent Need Analysis (TNA)

Sourcing & Screening

Fitment Analysis

Interview coordination

We transform traits and skills into gains.

Our performance management system is a result oriented approach developed by performance experts that provides organizations with a clear strategy and tactics to intensify the turnover.

Compliance services for the well being of both employee and organisation.

We expanded our arena to favour companies with HR Compliance support services, ranging from Establishment Compliance Solutions to Payroll Solutions.
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